Make your 1st test your last test

50% of people fail 1st time. Don't be that 50%.

We have all the resources you'll need to pass 1st time. If your driving test is coming up - or if you just want to practise your skills in between lessons, to gain confidence and improve your chances of passing 1st time - then this is the website for you!

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Interactive videos

Interactive practice sections which allow pupils to practise and improve their driving skills using videos of real life situations

Informative videos

A selection of High Definition Training videos, teaching all the different aspects of learning to drive.


Dashboard scoring system which allows pupils to see how they are improving and also to monitor their progress throughout the site.

Show me Tell me Q's

The full list of current show me tell me questions.

Simulated Q&A videos

Simulated driving videos which put several sections together in a real world scenario to test your overall competency/understanding.

Theory test training

Built-in access to leading theory test site including full hazard perception training.

Practical Driving Videos

Over 15 hours of HD Videos with in-depth audio and freeze frame shots for detailed explanation of scenarios.

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Theory Test Training

Theory test section including the full bank of theory questions and hazard perception clips complete with progress charts to help you pass 1st time.